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Attenborough is jealous that Milo is getting a fair bit of attention and not her, for once. She decided to shit on her log.

eveflorence asked: OMFG BEKBEK!!!!!!! MILO IS ADORABLE! Totally knew you would get something hahaha! Nice little zoo you've got going on there :P WHEN DO I MEET HIM THO? HES BEAUTIFUL

Haha. I’ve been waiting for this! Probs Wednesday when you come round for tea 😊 Emily is out so its just you and I! 😊

It’s 5.30am.

Milo is up exploring his tub, and two roaches have mysteriously disappeared.

So I was spraying Milo down and he decided that jumping onto my hand was a great idea.. And it was, until he darted up my arm and started hanging out on my elbow where I couldn’t really reach him. I can see this journey being full of mischief!

Milo vs Roach. Round one goes to the roach.

Milo vs Roach. Round one goes to the roach.

Hello followers! As you’re all aware I went to a reptile expo today and I picked up this adorable little bean! His name is Milo and he is an 8 week old Chinese Cave Gecko! They’re really hard to get ahold of here in the UK but alas he’s mine 😊 there were only three at the entire expo and this little beast is now a part of my ever growing family! Welcome home little one!

flachattack asked: what morph is your beardie? She's so beautiful!

Hello! Thankyou so much 😊 she is a hypo rainbow tiger 😊

I took her out of her tub and put her in the big bath because she was chasing and trying to eat her poo. She didn’t understand and kept trying to swim.

Dem eyes 😍

Dem eyes 😍